Importance of Front Door Aesthetics

4 Types Of Shower Doors For Your Bathroom

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, the type of shower door you choose can impact your bathroom's overall feeling. The shower door style you choose is about functions and visuals at the same time.

Type #1: Bi-Folding Door

With a bi-folding shower door, you can fold the door, either in or out, to help save space. A bi-folding door can be made of glass and installed on a regular shower set-up, or it can be used with a tub structure.

When you want to have more space in your bathroom, a bi-folding door is a great way to enjoy the visuals of a glass door without needing all the space it will take to operate.

Type #2: Sliding Door

If your shower area is larger, you may want to go with a sliding door. With a sliding door, you can only have one half of the side open. With a sliding door, you can access both sides of your shower, depending on how you open the door.

Often, with a sliding glass door, there are hangers on the door so that you can hang up your towel. Sliding doors are great if you want to minimize the footprint of entries in your bathroom and open up the floor space. Your sliding doors can be made from glass and allow a clear view into your showier, helping to make the space feel opener.

Type #3: Pivoting Door

If you have more space in your bathroom, you can go with a pivoting door. A pivoting door operates on a hinge and will swing outward into the bathroom.

With a pivoting door, the door can be as wide as the shower opening, or it can have a solid wall on one side of the pivoting door. Once again, a pivot door can be made from glass, allowing for a more open feeling in your bathroom.

Type #4: Frameless Shower Door

If you want an open feeling, go for a frameless shower door. With a frameless shower door, there is no need for metal support structures around the edge of the door.

Without the metal frame around the door, you have a more open and streamline feeling in your bathroom, which will allow access to the shower and the stonework in the shower. Often, frameless shower doors are used for showers where at least two sides are glass, and the other two sides are made from some stone or title.

When you choose a shower door, you need to think about the space the door will take to operate and how the shower door will impact your bathroom style.

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Importance of Front Door Aesthetics

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