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Signs Your Commercial Automatic Sliding Doors Need To Have Their Sensor Replaced

If you own a business, you may have commercial automatic sliding doors. These are the type of doors that are found on grocery stores or at many big box retail stores. When you get close to the door, the door slides open, allowing you to enter or exit with your cart without having to push a button or open the door manually. These doors rely on sensors to know when to open or shut. However, if the sensor is not working correctly, the door may not be working correctly. Here are a few of the signs that your commercial automatic sliding doors may need to have their sensor replaced. 

The Door Isn't Opening or Closing

If your commercial automatic sliding door is not opening or closing, despite customers standing near the door, the sensor may be bad. However, one of the first things you will want to check is the power supply. If you have a blown fuse or popped circuit, the door may not open or close either, as it may not be getting power. Most doors have a sensor on both sides of the door. If people who are exiting can trigger the door to open, but people entering do not, this is a tell-tale sign the sensor on the exterior of the door may be going. If people on both sides can't enter or exit, you're likely dealing with a power issue, rather than both sensors dying at once. 

The Door is Randomly Opening

Another sign that your commercial automatic sliding door may need to have its sensor replaced is the door randomly opening. Your automatic door should only open when carts or customers are near. Sometimes, some other piece of debris or animal may trigger the sensor, such as a flying bag or a wandering dog. But if you notice the door opening on its one repeatedly, its time to call in an expert. In some cases, the sensor may simply need to be cleaned or re-calibrated. In others, it may need to be repaired all together. 

The Door is Shutting on Customers

The last sign that indicates your automatic sliding doors need to have their sensor replaced is the door shutting before it should. The sensors on the doors should sense when anyone or anything is in the pathway of the door and should not shut. If your door begins to shut early, this can be a safety hazard as the door may hit or close on customers. If this is the case, you need to have the sensor replaced immediately to prevent injury to your employees or customers. 

A commercial automatic sliding door is important to your business. It helps customers enter and exit your building with ease. if the door is not working, customers may have a harder time entering. If you suspect your sensors on your doors need to be replaced based on these signs, or your door needs other repairs, contact an automatic door installation and repair company today. 

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